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“A powerful reminder that what we do to Mother Earth, we do directly to ourselves. Read it to see why we have to change the way we live and get off our destructive path.” David Suzuki

“A fascinating and frightening read. . . . Slow Death by Rubber Duck is an important and timely antidote.” The Globe and Mail

“Using narrative, humour and real life scenarios, Slow Death By Rubber Duck has
restored my faith in the environmental movement’s ability to make compelling points about toxins in our world, without beating us to death with a wagging finger.”
“Indispensable and unputdownable, Smith and Lourie take our—and their—toxic temperature. As scary as it all is, the really surprising part is how easily we can start cleaning up our act.”
Ann-Marie MacDonald, author of The Way the Crow Flies and Fall On Your Knees
“The latest green lit bible.” Toronto Life

“Fascinating read! . . . Alarming, engrossing and just plain loony at times, their experiments drive home just how mundanely day-to-day our mass chemical poisoning has become.” Adria Vasil, author of Ecoholic

“Shows how easy it can be to detoxify. Smith and Lourie explore how much we are exposed and provide attainable solutions to protecting ourselves.”  Zoomer magazine

“A call to action for both governments and all Canadian citizens, but especially for us mothers, who are necessary for real social change.” Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau

“Slow Death . . . gives a passionate survey of the argument. I read it and threw out my Teflon frying pans.” The Lawyers Weekly

“What really stands out is the solid writing. Though chock-full of Canadian and international statistics, the book never sounds preachy or dense. Considering how undeniably depressing their findings are, the authors manage to stay this side of apocalyptic without sounding flippant. Not only is the book scary, it’s hard to put down. . . . Excellent.” Quill & Quire

“Open this book and you’ll never look at a rubber duck the same way again. . . . The success of Slow Death is that it goes beyond scare tactics to solutions that we can all apply to our daily lives.” Green Living

“One of the best-named books of all time.” The Huffington Post